We have 3 locations- North Shore, South Shore and Truckee

North Shore- Waterman’s Landing
5166 N Lake Blvd,
Carnelian Bay, CA 96140

Truckee- Donner Lake
15695 Donner Pass Rd,
Truckee, CA 96161

South Shore
Please contact us for location info for
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Contact us for more information at info@tahoeoutrigger.org.

When are your practice times?

Please see our schedule or contact us at info@tahoeoutrigger.org.


We will supply you with a paddle and instruction to get you started. 

Dress in layers, it may be cold out but you will heat up fast once we start paddling. The water is cold year round so keep your feet warm with early season wet suit booties. You may have to step in the water to get in the boat. Bring warm layers and water wicking layers such as a surf rash guard, wind breaker, board shorts or leggings and dry shoes for after practice. It's easy to get chilled. Also please bring water, sun screen, and a hat for warmth and sun protection. You’ll want to hydrate before during and after practice.  You can store your extra gear in our paddle shack during practice.

We all will help rig, collect gear, uncover and cover the boats and aid in launching and storing the boats. Please show up to practice 15 minutes prior to launch time.

how much does it cost?

Paddlers new to the sport can paddle for free their first 2 times! After that we have two options, either full club membership or a drop in fee. Fee’s vary between locations so please contact us for more information.

beach etiquette and safety?

All members and guests are expected to embrace the ALOHA spirit, being positive, generous, respectful and cooperative with  nature, others and our equipment during club activities.  This is especially important before, during and after practices.  

Basic swimming skills are a vital component of a safe crew.  If you are not comfortable completing a 100 yard swim and treading water for at least 3 minutes in very cold water then you must wear a lifeguard approved life vest while paddling. It is your responsibility to inform the coach or practice steersperson about your comfort level and abilities. We have life jackets available for your use. We take cold water paddling seriously, be smart and be prepared.

about our canoes

Our canoes and the associated equipment are very expensive and fragile.  All paddlers must follow boat handling instruction and rules.  Every member of the team is equally responsible for the equipment and is expected to stay at practice and/or races until all equipment is put away or loaded on the trailer.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us at info@tahoeoutrigger.org.